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Decorated cookies that are as unique as you are!

Decorated cookies that are as unique as you are!


Back to School 2015

Grandparents Day 2015

Holiday Cookie Sets are available for ordering for  holidays and special ocassions, such as Mother's and Father's Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, Back to School, and so many others.  The designs offered for each 'holiday' vary from year to year, but we can always re-create some of your favorites. The number of cookies in the Holiday Cookie Sets vary depending on what is being offered. All cookies do come ready to gift-give! Our Holiday Cookie Sets are usually posted on Facebook usually two weeks before the holiday/event, but check the page for flash sales as well.

Some of the upcoming special days include:

September 11 - National Grandparents Day              October 31 - Halloween
November 8 - Election Day                                         November 11 - Veterans Day                                            
November 24 - Thanksgiving                                      December 25 - Christmas

Easter Cookies for Teachers 2015