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Decorated cookies that are as unique as you are!

Decorated cookies that are as unique as you are!

Hi! Thanks for visiting my page. I'm Carla and I'm the owner of Petite Sweets and Treats, a Cottage Bakery located in Mansfield, TX.  While I had always enjoyed baking for my family and friends (and I still do, they're my go-to product testers!), I decided to 'open' Petite Sweets in July of 2015.

Though I am a self-taught baker, I have always been surrounded by amazing bakers, including my maternal grandmother, Tita, and my mom. I grew up seeing lots of yummy things being made in the kitchen, so it was only natural that I would be interested in sharing my love for baking with others.

However, it really wasn't until about two years ago that my daughter asked me to make decorated cookies and I failed miserably. The cookie spread, the icing was runny, etc. So it was then that I really took an interest in making cookies that not only tasted great, but looked great.

 Fast forward two years and here I am.  The picture I have on this page are some cookies I made recently for her teachers. She was so proud and happy! And that reaction is exactly what I hope I can give to my clients.

Feel free to message me if you have an upcoming event or milestone you'd like to celebrate with cookies and/or if you have any questions about ordering. I look forward to earning your business!